A photographic project exploring building development

by Alex Jerman

Manchester 2005

35mm 3200 B&W film

Hand printed on fibre based paper

















In the photographic project 'Encroachment' I am interested in documenting the changes to the Citiscape of Manchester which affect its inhabitants visually, culturally and socio-economically. Building development especially the phenomenon of flats and apartments and the buy to let boom, seem to have turned many cities into permanent building sites, with cranes and scaffolding around every corner. Whilst there are 'good' developments taking place, others dont seem to be built to last. Is building the new religion? Job opportunity, or noisy development ? In an economy where bricks and mortar rises in value before its even been built. These ideas led me to look at the fight for space not only amongst the skyline with other buildings but green spaces. I wanted my images to be aesthetically pleasing, but at the same time by using telephoto lenses try to add to the feeling of a city with an ever changing and chaotic nature, where old meets new, competing for space and the viewers attention. Ultimately it is for the viewer to decide how they feel about the city they are visiting or live in. The images were made in 2005, whilst studying on the City and Guilds photography course. Covering the set brief of 21st century industry, then exploring my own ideas and theme discussed above. The images were made on high grain, 3200, 35mm black and white film, then hand printed using fibre based paper.